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An ode to Oak

I've recently been spending some time getting to know a little more about oak. Every day I go out, sit beneath one of these beautiful trees and open my heart a little to see what unfolds. What I have learned over the years is to treat anything in nature as though it were a sentient being - so here, greeting oak, expressing gratitude for its wisdom, for being underneath or beside it. It's a slow practice that takes time, practice and openness, but is endlessly rewarding as the process unfolds. Here is a poem that came out of one of those interactions

In forests ancient, proud and strong,

The oak tree's love weaves nature's song.

With branches reaching to embrace the sky,

Their roots entwined, an eternal tie.

Beneath their shelter, whispers resound,

Where lovers find solace, sacred ground.

Their leaves, a tapestry of shades sublime,

Embracing seasons, marking endless time.

Oh, oak tree's love, steadfast and true,

A symbol of strength, both old and new.

Through storms they stand, resilient and brave,

Guarding the love that only they crave.

In nature's arms, love's story unfolds,

With oak trees witnessing, as love beholds.

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