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About Shinrin-yoku

About Shinrin-yoku

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As you'll have read in other areas of the site, there's a huge amount of science to back up the claims on the hugely effects that forest bathing can have on you. If you'd like to delve further into this, here's a list of research that's been done around the world, along with links to a just a tiny selection of the articles that have appeared on the subject. I won't always check the links still work, so if you find some that don't for any reason, I do apologise, but I have no control over these external sites.  There is so much more to add, but let's begin here...

The Healing Power of Nature: How Green Space is Improving Health and Well-Being in Cities - October 2019.pdf

Frontiers in Psychology - August 2015.pdf

Benefits of Group Walking in Forests for People with Significant Mental Ill-Health.pdf

Physiological Effects–Shinrin Yoku.pdf

Healing Power of Nature.pdf

Relationship between forest coverage and mortality rates.pdf

Trends in Shinrin Yoku Research.pdf

Physiological Effects–Shinrin Yoku.pdf

Nature Therapy and Preventative Medicine.pdf

Forest Therapy and Personality Effects.pdf

Effects of Forest Recreation in a Japanese town.pdf

Trends in Forest Therapy Research.pdf

Forest Walking and Cardiovascular and Metabolic Effects.pdf

Effects of Forest Therapy: Salivary Cortisol and Cerebral Activity as Indicators.pdf

Psychological Effects of Forest Areas on Healthy Adults.pdf

Wood Essential Oils Boost Immune System.pdf

Forest Coverage and Mortality Rates of Cancers in Japan.pdf

Forest Bathing Trip Increases Immune Response in Female Cancer Patients.pdf

Forest Therapy and Cardiovascular Health in Young Adults.pdf

UK: Group Walks in Nature and Multiple Aspects of Well-Being.pdf

Australia: 'Contact with Nature' as an Upstream Health Promotion Intervention.pdf

Australia: The Benefits of Contact with Nature for Mental Health and Well-Being.pdf

Scandinavian Philosophy of Outdoor Life.pdf

Shinrin-Yoku in Ireland

UK: Psychological Benefits of Greenspace.pdf

UK: Nature Walking for Well-Being.pdf

Denmark: Nature Garden Therapy and Stress-Related Illness

National Geographic October 2019: The Secret to Mindful Travel? A Walk in the Woods

CBC News August 2019: Forest Bathing Takes Root in Canada: Meet B.C.'s First Certified Forest Therapist

Sonoma Index-Tribune July 2019: Forest therapy has Many Physiological and Psychological Benefits

WebMD June 2019: Forest Bathing, Nature Time Are Hot Health Advice

Oprah Magazine June 2014: The New Nature Walk.pdf

Atlantic Magazine 2013: How Nature Resets Our Minds and Bodies.pdf

Mother Earth News January 2013: Your Brain on Nature.pdf

Outside Magazine 2012: Take Two Hours of Pine Forest and Call Me in the Morning.pdf

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