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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Are we sick of the nanny boss?

The FT recently wrote an article recently about whether companies, having pushed hard to attend to workers’ needs during the pandemic, are now encroaching too far into their personal lives. As part of that feature, the journalist, Emma Jacobs came to spend the day with me. The full feature on her time with me is yet to be published, but she makes a starting reference to it in this article.

"When social restrictions lifted, some organisations offered perks such as sensory deprivation tanks and retreats. Last summer, I escaped for a day to the Surrey Hills to one run by [Justine Clement of] The Life Adventure. Its most popular workshops among employers were Breathwork, Forest Bathing, Journaling and Storytelling and Manifestation. My brain unfurled. If this is the future of work, I thought, sign me up.”

To read the full article click here to read it.

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