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IN THE PRESS: Daily Telegraph Zoomed Out?

As well as running Shinrin-yoku experiences, I also run a platform called The Life Adventure, where I work with organisations, such as UK government departments, to help them with their wellbeing strategies. We set up camp in the foot of the Surrey Hills in 2021, complete with gorgeous glamping accommodation and the Daily Telegraph popped along to see what all the fuss was about. This featured in an article about how people working in organisations were feeling a little zoomed out.

Zoomed Out? Let's Meet Hattie Garlick

29th May 2021

Real-life retreats with colleagues are part of a growing trend for those weary of video calls, says Hattie Garlick in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 29th May.

On the list of people you most want to take on a camping holiday, your line manager has probably never ranked highly. After a year of seeing your colleagues only on screen, however there are signs this may be changing.

During the pandemic, entrepreneurs Justine Clement and Preethi Nair realised that “clients were asking for ways to re-energise their tired teams who are all Zoomed out”, says Nair. Their answer? A new corporate retreat from The Life Adventure (including Wonderbreath and Forest Bathing Made In Britain).

“There is a real need for connection and we wanted to create a space where teams could come together and not just connect with each other, but with themselves and also nature. It allows them to start thinking of the big picture again,” says Nair.

Say goodbye, then, to office away days and paintballing (however cathartic you may have found this). When The Life Adventure launches it’s new offering next month, it will bring teams together for overnight retreats in luxury bell tents set in the Surrey and Hampshire hills. There will be forest bathing, foraging and wild swimming sessions.

If you’re worrying about mental health implications of seeing your boss in his or her swimmers, you’re missing the point. The activities are all designed to counter burnout (Google searches for which rose 150 per cent last year) and rekindle a sense of community. The offering is yet to launch (next month – mid June), it has already seen “huge interest” says Clement.

If you'd like to know about the corporate retreats I run throughout the year, please go to the bookings section where you can see various options, or head over to The Life Adventure site here.

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