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Interview with The Forest Bathing Institute on finding balance through nature in the modern world

I was recently invited onto the All Nature Connected podcast by The Forest Bathing Institute which you can listen to by clicking the image above. Here's the intro to the session where we talk about a curious life and a life learning to connect back to nature.

In this podcast episode, Justine and Olga explore some of the practical ways to introduce nature and nature-based activities into your everyday life to help improve your health and well-being among the

struggles of modern busy life. Justine Clement, the founder of Wonderbreath and breath coach, was born curious and adventurous.

She’s spent the past 15 years exploring ways to live and feel better through Ashtanga yoga, kinesiology, Celtic shamanism and mythology, psychotherapy,

plant communication, and mindfulness, to name a few. For many years, she was a self-confessed‘on-the-go’ CEO of an experiential travel company and no words of warning from others about the importance of slowing down could stop her. She only really started to listen after a series of injuries forced her to stop.

Her slow recovery invited her to start learning how to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ … and she found some powerful lessons in those enforced moments of stillness.

Justine is also the founder of the workplace well-being agency, The Life Adventure, and is a certified Forest Bathing guide working in Surrey. She also runs a community sea bathing project called the Selsey Sea Bathing Society in West Sussex, to encourage people to improve their confidence and experience the benefits of cold water in natural environments.

Or if you'd rather watch the Youtube version of the podcast, see below.

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