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We'll spend a day of wild immersion in the forest on a 1-1 basis, or if you prefer, as a pair/couple. Together we'll take time to explore the forest, immersing deepling into the sounds, smells and textures of a woodland ecosystem. The experience looks at how the forest stimulates all five of our senses and moves us from engaging less with our sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight) and more with our parasympathetic system (rest and recover). We do this through a series of light and easily managed physical and mental exercises. We'll stop for lunch and tea from the forest and take some guided meditations to further relax and ground you. You'll return to your life refreshed, renewed and with a newfound respect for nature. The session runs from 10am to 5pm in April to mid October and 9am to 4pm late October to end of March and we can be in various locations in and around London and the surrounds of Surrey, East/West Sussex and Kent.

A Private Wild Immersion Day In The Forest

  • Forest bathing is scientifically proven to improve health. Countless Japanese studies have revealed how it boosts immune systems, reduces stress hormones, enhances mental wellness and bolsters brain health. It can provide emotional healing, decrease blood pressure, improve general sleep-wake cycles, improve relationship skills, reduces stress and reduce aggression.

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