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This exclusive series of Forest Bathing audio guides will allow you to take yourself out into the forest at a time and pace to suit you and learn the basics of the practice, whilst feeling guided and supported throughout.


We begin where every practice should begin, and that's at the very beginning.  You'll learn the background and history of Shinrin-yoku, as well as the science to back up the claims on how incredible it is for our wellbeing - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


You'll then be guided to find your forest and where to enter, and why it's important to put some foundations down right at the start. You'll then be guided on good husbandry when it comes to Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing.


The next 3 audio guides are a series of what are known in Forest Bathing as invitations.  These are the backbone of the practice and will help you begin, as well as deepen, your nature connection. 


These guides are easy to use and follow, including silent pauses to allow you to try suggestions for yourself, and can be used whether you've been Forest Bathing before or not.   Your pack of 6 audios includes:


1. An introduction to Forest Bathing including the history and science (13 mins)

2. On The Edge Of The Forest - Thresholds & Roots & Beginning Your Session (16 mins)

2 (a). On The Edge Of The Forest - Say Hello & Be The Guest (2 mins)

3. Grounding & Awakening The Senses (21 mins)

4. What's In Motion? (8 mins)

5. Heart & Tree Connection (23 mins)


Use these audio guides as works best for you, but you will need:


  • A phone/portable audio device
  • Headphones, so that you don't disturb other people who are also exploring the wonders of the forest for themselves.
  • A small rucksack with some water, a warm layer in case you need it and perhaps something to sit if the ground is wet/makes you more comfortable.


Once you've paid, a page pops up for you to download the files. You'll also receive a subsequent email with a download link, too. My suggestion would be to download the audio files directly onto your portable device/phone, or if you're downloading them for the first time onto your laptop or computer, then transfer them over your portable device/phone.


10% of the sale of every Forest Bathing In Your Pocket set of audio guides goes back to Surrey Wildlife Trust for their incredible work in connecting and protecting nature across the county. 


Enjoy! And do let me know how you get on with these, I'd love to hear.  I provide a money back guarantee on these audio guides, so if you genuinely don't like what you've bought, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Forest Bathing In Your Pocket - a set of 6 Forest Bathing Audio Guides

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