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Great for burnt out professionals or those who feel overwhelmed with life. This experience lasts 3.5 hours and includes a 1-1 breath session with Justine before heading out together for a wild immersion experience into the beautiful countryside and woodlands of the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


The Breath

Your experience begins by experiencing the healing power of your own breath. You may seek a deeper connection with yourself or inspiration when nothing seems quite right. It may be to overcome constant fear or stress, or to move through deep-seated emotional issues or trauma. You may be struggling to sleep or simply curious. Whatever the reasons, a 1-1 Conscious Connected Breath session will help you on your journey to achieving optimum health and vitality, gain greater clarity and enhance the process of self-discovery. Justine combines breath techniques with light acupressure during the session which will last approximately 1hr 20 mins, held in a beautiful hexagonal woodland cabin set under a magnificent fern-leafed beech tree. The area you'll be breathing in is surrounded by the beautiful countryside and woodlands of the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Mindful Walk & Forest Bathing

After passing by hedgerows filled with Hawthorn and Elder, apple trees, magnificent Oaks, Beeches and Ash, we cross into a hidden valley lying on the outskirts of Warlingham and Marden Park, which is a mosaic of ancient broadleaf woodland and rare chalk grassland, sitting high on the beautiful North Downs of East Surrey. If we’re lucky, we’ll see wild deer grazing on the surrounding pastures, as we head into the woodland for our Forest Bathing experience.


Humans spent 99.9% of their development in nature and this will be a gentle introduction to begin a new relationship with it, including sensory and meditative exercises. We’ll take time to explore this pocket of woodland landscape, tuning in to our micro and macro awareness of nature and noticing how it communicates with us.


This Conscious Connected Breath and Forest Bathing experience is 3.5 hours and in summer months on good days we're able to do our breath session in the forest, too – highly recommended!




Your breath session will last approximately 1hr 20 mins and takes place in Justine’s Garden Breath Studio in Caterham, Surrey.  In terms of the Forest Bathing part of this experience (which includes a mindful walk plus forest bathing), please note it will be a little uneven in places and you’ll need to be comfortable walking around a mile or so. So please remember to bring warm clothing (when appropriate) and suitable footwear (perhaps trainers in better weather and if you have them, walking boots in winter months – as a suggestion).


Please also wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing so that you’re relaxed throughout the session together. Directions will be sent to you by email before the session and please do feel free to call me anytime to discuss any questions or concerns.


Please check for any Breathwork contraindications here before booking and if you have any questions in relation to this please email or call/message Justine on +44 7714 333418.  



Forest Bathing & Conscious Connected Breath Experience

  • Forest bathing is scientifically proven to improve health. Countless Japanese studies have revealed how it boosts immune systems, reduces stress hormones, enhances mental wellness and bolsters brain health. It can provide emotional healing, decrease blood pressure, improve general sleep-wake cycles, improve relationship skills, reduces stress and reduce aggression. 

    Conscious Connected Breathing on the other hand is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our own (often depleted) systems to work to their healing capacity.  It facilitates openings to higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to tap into our deeper resources and live our lives more joyfully with better functioning immune systems and a greater resilience to stress.

    The combination of learning to connect more deeply to ourselves, as well as to the natural world is undeniably powerful.

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