Hello I'm Justine and welcome to Forest Bathing (Made In Britain). 

The idea of Forest Bathing is a simple one. The term is a direct translation of the Japanese art known as Shinrin-yoku, meaning bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses. It's one of the many incredible tools now available to help us connect back to nature and ultimately, back to ourselves.


Come with me on this journey.  You're welcome to sign up and read the free research, e-books and downloads I'll be creating. These won't just be about the forest, but will also delve into the many ways to live a more considerate, happier, more fulfilling and purposeful life. 


And if you want to try Forest Bathing for yourself, it can easily be done on your own, ideally giving yourself at least 2 hours for the experience to really take hold. Or come with me, on a wild immersion into the woods. Together, we'll explore this gentlest of environments that were once a much bigger part of our lives, now lost to almost all.


I promise you, it will reawaken your senses. It will bring back the magic in your life. 



    Forest Bathing 

    (Made In Britain)

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